The Purpose of InJOY is to use the function of an adult day program to carry out our mission to strive for the personal fulfillment of our members but also to develop, foster, and create the environment that enables our staff to unlock their potential and each individual that walks through our doors. On any given day, you see members and staff engaging in a supportive community that empowers and allows for personal development to occur through powerful relationships and interactions. This may in some ways take form in the act of participating in the preferred activity or event perpetuated by our staff. You may also see members and staff in the middle of a process of steps where they walk side-by-side to carry out a common goal – ultimately doing some aspect of life together in the most normative way possible. While this occurs in the four walls of both facilities, our greatest desire is to instill this type of understanding, acceptance, and support for our members outside of the “InJOY utopia” and eventually mainstreaming into all aspects of our society and culture. Until then, InJOY continues to exist with the understanding, hope and belief that one day this will be a method of the past and these types of things can happen everywhere as a “normal” part of life.

Our Values:

  • We recognize every person’s value.
    We embrace every person and appreciate them for who they are. We treat one another with dignity and respect.
  • We provide service with integrity.
    We commit ourselves to finding innovative ways to offer the highest quality service so that each member knows they are our priority.
  • We empower individuals to reach their full potential.
    We push our members and ourselves outside our comfort zones for self-improvement and awareness.
  • We are a community.
    We intentionally create time for staff and members to bond as a team. In everything we do, we seek to foster positive relationships.
  • We have fun.
    We love to celebrate the big and little things in life. We choose to walk together in joy.

InJOY is a person-centered and partial inclusion and site-based day program for adults with developmental disabilities that may have behavioral challenges.   Our main outcome will be to have our Members demonstrate measurable improvement in their quality of life.