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Your Legal Duty – Reporting Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse (Part 1)

Your Legal Duty – Reporting Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse (Part 2)


To get a better perspective of what Willowbrook was like, watch the following video:

o   Documentary (27 min.): Willowbrook


  • Take time to journal your response to this video.


Now, watch the following video starring InJOY members:

o   InJOY Thank You


Journal through the following questions:

o   What is different from this video than the Willowbrook video?

o   What’s the same?

o   How does this video make you feel compared to the first?


Although we have made great strides since Willowbrook, we are not exempt from this level of discrimination happening again. Our members deserve to be seen, heard, and enjoyed, and you play a vital role in making sure this happens! Every time you take your members into the community you have the chance to change someone’s perspective. Each time you share a story about your experience at work you have potential to create a ripple in people’s thinking. Although the responsibility that we bear is great, it is also simple: “help people believe in possibility more than disability.”

Watch this final video and journal about ways you think you could change some of the things you do, say, and think in light of what the speaker has to say.

o    Jennie Fenton at TEDx Bellingen


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