InJOY Life Resources

InJOY strives for the personal fulfillment of adults

with developmental disabilities.

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Our Members

This program is all about its members. They are some of the most incredible people you will ever meet. The members will teach you about love, inspire you to take risks, and challenge you to greatness.

Our Coaches

The Coaches work directly with three members on a daily basis to innovatively teach life skills and foster positive relationships. Members and Coaches take life to another level as they work together to make dreams a reality. 

Our Philosophy

Much joy in life is gained through the experience of taking risks and overcoming obstacles. InJOY is an environment that unlocks potential. Allow us to teach you how to accept your greatness.
  • "I am thankful for Richard's infectious personality! He's an awesome comedian that can lighten up any and every room!" -Ed, Life Coach

  • "I am thankful for Randa's personality and the opportunity I have had to get to know her. I am thankful for her willingness to learn new things." -Gabi, Life Coach

  • "I am thankful for Angel's contagious smile and helpful nature. His friendly personality is a bright light in our InJOY community." -Ilana, Life Coach

  • "I'm thankful for how Lety encourages others and works diligently and joyfully at whatever needs to be done." -Joshua, Life Coach

  • "I am grateful for Annie because she teaches us all that peace and quiet is a gift." -Bryan, Life Coach

  • "I am grateful for the humor and joy Brian brings to InJOY every day." -Tyler, Life Coach

  • "I'm grateful for Tanya's laugh, her hugs and the joy she brings everyday. I am forever grateful for the example of love she shows to everyone." -Eudora, Life Coach

  • "I am grateful for Keith's desire to always help others." -Joe, Life Coach

  • "I am thankful for having such a kind and intelligent lady in my group. Felizza has brought so much joy into my life!" -Christina, Life Coach

  • "I am thankful for Anthony because he is such a fun guy. He loves to joke around and makes my day so much more enjoyable!" -Becky, Life Coach

A few things to know about InJOY…



We Recognize Every Person’s Value

We embrace every person and appreciate them for who they are. We treat one another with dignity and respect.



We Provide Service with Integrity

We commit ourselves to finding innovative ways to offer the highest quality service so that each member knows they are our priority.



We Empower Individuals to Reach Their Full Potential

We push our members and ourselves outside our comfort zones for self-improvement and awareness.



We Are a Community

We intentionally create time for staff and members to bond as a team. In everything we do, we seek to foster positive relationships.



We Have Fun

We love to celebrate the big and little things in life. We choose to walk together in joy.

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